Sunday 20th March 2022

Now that the mornings are lighter, Sophiecat is waking me up at some god forsaken hour which isn’t great when you have fatigue and need as much sleep as you can get! This morning it was a little after 5am and then couldn’t get back to sleep! So I got up and cracked on withContinue reading “Sunday 20th March 2022”

Friday 18th March 2022

Late yesterday afternoon I had coffee with a colleague at the uni, I thought I ordered my usual drink of a decaf Americano with hot milk as I’m quite sensitive to caffeine and know having caffeine after about 2pm will mean that I’m awake most of the night, well I was awake most of theContinue reading “Friday 18th March 2022”

Thursday 17th March 2022

Started the day with intervals and thankfully there was no running in it, although my knee didn’t particularly like the box overs or burpees!! Got back from the gym, put some make-up on and swapped my tops over and went straight into an online networking event that I’d organise for the students at the uni.Continue reading “Thursday 17th March 2022”

Wednesday 16th March 2022

Managed to get to the gym this morning, wasn’t really feeling it as my right knee is giving me gip at the moment but I’m determined to go and if I have to stop or alter the workout then that’s what I’ll do and I know I’ll always feel better for going. To help withContinue reading “Wednesday 16th March 2022”

Sunday 13th March 2022

My alarm was set for 7.40am this morning but Sophiecat had other ideas and woke me up just before 6am, I fed her and did come back to bed but couldn’t settle so decided to just get up and crack on with some work. Feeling a little better mentally today, although tears have fallen aContinue reading “Sunday 13th March 2022”