Sunday 20th February 2022

Today has been a bit of a low day, I woke up not feeling great mentally! No reason for that I don’t think but I guess we just have some down days. Sophiecat woke me up about 6am for food so I fed her and went back to bed but couldn’t really sleep so gotContinue reading “Sunday 20th February 2022”

Saturday 19th February 2022

The day started with intervals which was fab, because of the strong winds still there was no running instead we used the bike and ski erg along with burpees!! It was tough going but fun. Then the normal ritual of the food shop, I was on the clock a bit this week as a friendContinue reading “Saturday 19th February 2022”

Friday 18th February 2022

Skipped the gym this morning, the head goblins won out as just felt exhausted as well as feeling a little bit nervous about driving due to an impending storm (this time it was Eunice that was descending on our UK shores). It’s funny as when I was in my early 20s, I never thought twiceContinue reading “Friday 18th February 2022”

Thursday 17th February 2022

Today has been a great day, started off at intervals where there was running programmed into the workout, over the last year or so I’ve not done very much running at all, I’ve got a dodgy knee that plays up sometimes and running is just painful to do so I’ve been hesitant to run andContinue reading “Thursday 17th February 2022”

Wednesday 16th February 2022

The day started with a workout, even I’m surprising myself about my commitment to it now, in the dark days of January I didn’t know if I’d get my mojo back for exercise and that scared the living daylights out of me if I’m honest, as me not exercising isn’t who I am I. AContinue reading “Wednesday 16th February 2022”

Tuesday 15th February 2022

Wow, just realised this is my 200th post on this blog… pretty proud of myself for posting every day since July, basically my ramblings of trying to figure my life out… THANK You for coming along with me on this journey!! Today was my rest day from the gym, my body needed it but feltContinue reading “Tuesday 15th February 2022”

Monday 14th February 2022

Happy Valentine’s Day! Today has been all about putting a brave face on and smiling through sadness! This will be my 11th valentines day as a singleton and it sucks if I’m honest. I have had a few flings over the years but nothing long-lasting. I know that having a partner isn’t the be allContinue reading “Monday 14th February 2022”

Sunday 13th February 2022

Had a Sophiecat wake up today which wasn’t as early as usual but still earlier than my alarm, I tried to negotiate with her half a sleep to be quiet but she was haven’t none of it! So eventually I gave up and got up. The last few Sundays have been pretty hectic which meansContinue reading “Sunday 13th February 2022”

Saturday 12th February 2022

Despite waking up feeling rough again today I still went to intervals, a couple of friends said yesterday that they were going this morning and I didn’t want to be a Larry letdown so sucked it up and got there for 7am. The workout was hard but quite enjoyable and I’m always glad that IContinue reading “Saturday 12th February 2022”