Wednesday 22nd September 2021

The uneasy feeling I had yesterday has also lingered today, I think it’s got something to do with my parents arriving tomorrow (Thurs). I haven’t seen them since Dec 2019 and we are not a close family, I probably speak to them every couple weeks and that suits me. I left home when I wasContinue reading “Wednesday 22nd September 2021”

Monday 20th September 2021

Today has been a win day as I got a PB (personal best) at the gym this morning. My exercise of choice is Crossfit, which is a global fitness movement where the idea is that you are constantly challenged with every workout. I have a somewhat love/hate relationship with it as it pushes you bothContinue reading “Monday 20th September 2021”

Saturday 18th September 2021

I had big plans for today, nothing exciting really just some housework, work and “me time”. That might sound strange having me time when I live on my own but it’s kind of me giving myself permission to do some self care. It started well, went to intervals and then did a food shop andContinue reading “Saturday 18th September 2021”

Friday 17th September 2021

Today has been a slower day than of late, went to the gym, did a bit of work then met a friend for lunch which was lovely and very overdue. Then as I was leaving the café I bumped into another friend who I haven’t seen in years so caught up with her and finallyContinue reading “Friday 17th September 2021”