Saturday 30th April 2022

Today has been a tough day, woke up feeling sad and then found out that a lady who I helped years ago when I was doing some business coaching passed away this week after a short illness and the tears flowed and not really stopped all day. I’ve tried to busy myself with housework toContinue reading “Saturday 30th April 2022”

Wednesday 27th April 2022

Yay, I made it to the gym this morning!! It was tough though and I was close to tears a few times during the workout. I find it so hard not to think about how fit I was in the past and compare myself to how unfit I feel now. I keep telling myself thatContinue reading “Wednesday 27th April 2022”

Tuesday 26th April 2022

Hello DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) my old friend!! Day 2 of exercise and my legs are killing me from yesterday’s workout so walking has been a bit tricky and painful today, although in a sadistic way I quite like DOMS as it’s telling me that my body is repairing itself and making itself stronger!Continue reading “Tuesday 26th April 2022”

Monday 25th April 2022

So the plan was to go back to the gym today but I lost my nerve this morning, however, I did do a workout at home which was fab instead, probably not as hard as the gym workout would have been but I’m ok with that and breaking myself in gently really. It was aContinue reading “Monday 25th April 2022”

Sunday 24th April 2022

Quite a chilled day, an early wake up with Sophiecat but managed to get an hour in after I fed her. Today I went to the lake for a swim the water was around 13.4°C so was still cold when you first get in but once you are acclimatised to it then it was lovely,Continue reading “Sunday 24th April 2022”

Saturday 23rd April 2022

A Sophiecat wake up today at just after 4am, even the birds weren’t awake at that time!! Managed to ignore her until about 5.30am when I gave in and gave her food. Went back to bed until she woke me again at 7.15am!! Today was all about just relaxing and recharging from a busy weekContinue reading “Saturday 23rd April 2022”

Friday 22nd April 2022

Unsurprisingly I’ve been flagging a little today. Was up with the lark as usual as Sophiecat was demanding food and I simply didn’t have the patience with her this morning. Not really her fault as last night I read later into the night than I normally do as I was close to finishing a bookContinue reading “Friday 22nd April 2022”

Thursday 21st April 2022

Honestly, I’m not actually sure where today has gone! It was a uni day today and I was out and about visiting students on their placements in business & with Lincolnshire (England) being the 2nd largest county, I’ve managed to do a 120-mile round trip and only visited 2 places and I actually visited placesContinue reading “Thursday 21st April 2022”