Monday 14th February 2022

Happy Valentine’s Day! Today has been all about putting a brave face on and smiling through sadness! This will be my 11th valentines day as a singleton and it sucks if I’m honest. I have had a few flings over the years but nothing long-lasting. I know that having a partner isn’t the be allContinue reading “Monday 14th February 2022”

Monday 30th January 2022

Today marks exactly 6 calendar months until I turn 45 and time to step it up with changing my life! The main areas I was focusing on when I started this blog: Health Fitness House Love Garden Finances Mindset – limiting beliefs Health and fitness – in all honesty, this has gone backwards especially overContinue reading “Monday 30th January 2022”

Friday 3rd December 2021

This week has been really tough emotionally, last week I started chatting to a guy online and we hit it off, all was going well and then I fucked up, I allowed my insecurities to get the better of me and I made a mistake, and unfortunately, although I apologised the guy decided that heContinue reading “Friday 3rd December 2021”