Saturday 23rd July 2022

My first time back at the gym since Covid, was intervals (AKA cardio hardio) and it was tough, not just because of Covid but my general fitness as well but I did it & that’s all I’m focusing on at the moment. After the gym I headed to get some groceries, the list was fairlyContinue reading “Saturday 23rd July 2022”

Sunday 17th July 2022

Another day of nothingness! Woke up feeling a little bit better, still snotty though and still testing positive. With feeling a little better I’ve felt able to think a bit more about my future & how I want to shape it, this blog was started as a year of transformation & I probably have movedContinue reading “Sunday 17th July 2022”

Tuesday 12th July 2022

Today has been an interesting day, started slowly as no gym today as my rest day and also not a uni day & Sophiecat let me sleep in after I fed her at 4am! This morning I had a coaching session with friend who is training to be a coach, I’ll always offer when someoneContinue reading “Tuesday 12th July 2022”

Friday 6th July 2022

I’m getting used to Sophiecat’s routine now of the 4am wake up and going back to bed! Today I decided to sleep in a bit as still feel tired from the week. Today I was at the uni, presenting our team at our open day. With the sun shining, the campus looked beautiful and welcoming.Continue reading “Friday 6th July 2022”