Monday 15th November 2021

Today has been a bit of a huffy puffy kind of day! Started off well as managed to get to the gym and do a good workout, straight to the uni for a shower and breakfast, and managed not to forget anything. Smart Clothes, shoes and underwear Check Breakfast Check Make up Check Jewellery CheckContinue reading “Monday 15th November 2021”

Wednesday 3rd November 2021

Today I’ve still been coming down from yesterday, I didn’t sleep very well even for my standards as I was just so energerised by the day and had to stop myself from telling everyone I met today about it and how awesome it was. My energy did start to wane mid-afternoon and productivity ground toContinue reading “Wednesday 3rd November 2021”

Sunday 31st October 2021

Three months into this challenge it’s not going as well as I had hoped! Life just seems to get in the way! However, I did bite the bullet last night and joined!! I’ve been thinking about it for a while but have a love/heat relationship with dating apps as feel I am more thanContinue reading “Sunday 31st October 2021”