Sunday 13th March 2022

My alarm was set for 7.40am this morning but Sophiecat had other ideas and woke me up just before 6am, I fed her and did come back to bed but couldn’t settle so decided to just get up and crack on with some work. Feeling a little better mentally today, although tears have fallen aContinue reading “Sunday 13th March 2022”

Saturday 19th February 2022

The day started with intervals which was fab, because of the strong winds still there was no running instead we used the bike and ski erg along with burpees!! It was tough going but fun. Then the normal ritual of the food shop, I was on the clock a bit this week as a friendContinue reading “Saturday 19th February 2022”

Monday 30th January 2022

Today marks exactly 6 calendar months until I turn 45 and time to step it up with changing my life! The main areas I was focusing on when I started this blog: Health Fitness House Love Garden Finances Mindset – limiting beliefs Health and fitness – in all honesty, this has gone backwards especially overContinue reading “Monday 30th January 2022”