Tuesday 5th July 2022 (Written 06/07/2022)

Gosh, where is my head at, as I was heading to bed last night I remembered that I needed to write my blog post before I went to bed, that was when I was downstairs drawing the curtain, shutting the blinds & double-locking the door, by the time I got to the bedroom upstairs itContinue reading “Tuesday 5th July 2022 (Written 06/07/2022)”

Friday 3rd December 2021

This week has been really tough emotionally, last week I started chatting to a guy online and we hit it off, all was going well and then I fucked up, I allowed my insecurities to get the better of me and I made a mistake, and unfortunately, although I apologised the guy decided that heContinue reading “Friday 3rd December 2021”